What is the current review period for responses to the building department comments?

Two (2) weeks.

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1. How many sets of plans are required for submittal?
2. Do plans need original signatures or are electronic signatures okay?
3. Do plans need to be embossed by an architect and engineer?
4. What is the current review period for drawings?
5. What is the current review period for responses to the building department comments?
6. Is express plan review available?
7. Do permit drawings need to be submitted to any additional departments such as Fire Marshal, State Review, etc.?
8. Is a demolition permit available prior to the building permit? If so, what are the requirements?
9. Does a general contractor need to be awarded prior to permit issuance?
10. Does the general contractor and/or subcontractor’s names need to be stated on the permit application for the submittal to be accepted and plan review to begin?
11. If yes to above, do general contractor or subcontractor licenses need to be provided at the time of application?
12. Are insurance certificates or bonds required at the time of application? If so, by whom?
13. Are separate applications required by the subcontractors? If so, by whom?
14. Is landlord approval required for submittal? If so, at permit submittal or at permit issuance?
15. Can we receive our permit without the landlord’s work being completed and approved?
16. Are low voltage permits required?
17. Do Fire Alarm and Sprinkler drawings need to be submitted with the building permit application?
18. Do the Fire protection subcontractors need to prepare drawings, cut sheets, and calculations for building permit submittal?
19. Can the permit application be mailed in?
20. If the submittal is to be made in person, can we use an expeditor?
21. Does the building department work with any specific expediters?
22. Is the general contractor specifically required to submit the drawings?
23. Is a plan check fee do at the time of permit application?
24. Are permit fees due at the time of application or permit pick up?
25. Are there any additional fees that customers should be aware of?
26. What current building codes are being used?