How can I get in compliance?

The City of Blaine will provide guidelines for getting in compliance and reducing or eliminating FOG from entering the plumbing and sewer systems. City inspectors check food service establishments for proper grease control devices and ensure they are being cleaned and maintained properly. Facilities that do not have grease control devices will be required to install them. Inspectors will also check that establishments have procedures for handling FOG and cleaning grease control devices.

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1. What is FOG?
2. Why is FOG a problem?
3. What can be done about the FOG problem?
4. What is a grease interceptor and how does it work?
5. What is a grease trap and how does it work?
6. Who needs to install grease traps or interceptors?
7. How often should grease interceptors and traps be cleaned?
8. How often will establishments be inspected?
9. How can I get in compliance?
10. What if I do not get in compliance?