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  1. We Count BlaineMN Census 2020 Checkin Form

    Checkin form for contact information for open house.

Finance & Utility Billing

  1. Direct Payment Form
  2. Move In Request Form

    This form will inform the Utility Billing staff to start utility services. You should only used if you are the owner of the property.... More…

  1. Meter Reading Submission

    Uses this form to submit a city requested water meter reading.

  2. Move Out Request Form

    This form is used to request a termination of Utility Services billed by the City of Blaine.


  1. Map and GIS Data Request

    Form to request GIS data or maps

Impressions of Blaine

  1. Large Format Submittal Form

    Submittal form for the Impressions of Blaine seasonal photo contest.

  1. Photo Submittal Form

    Submittal form for the Impressions of Blaine seasonal photo contest.


  1. MAYC Contact Information Form

    Contact form for MAYC customers.

Parks and Recreation

  1. Blaine Block Party Community Booth Application

    Form for non-profit community groups to reserve space for the Blaine Block Party

  2. Educator Open House

    This forms allows for registration to attend the Educator Open House

  3. Fix It Clinic Volunteer

    This is the application for those who want to volunteer at the Fix It Clinics

  4. PlayNet Emergency Form
  5. World Fest Exhibitor Booth Application

    Form for groups to reserve space for World Fest

  1. Contact Us
  2. Event Sponsor Form

    Sponsor form for Park and Recreation events

  3. Home Alone Program Survey 2

    Home Alone Program Survey

  4. PlayNet Participant Survey

    PlayNet Participant Survey

  5. World Fest Sponsor

    Sponsor form for World Fest


  1. Heart Safe Community AED Registration

    Registration form for AEDs.

  2. Thank a Cop
  1. Hire an Off-Duty Officer

    Request for Reimbursable Police Services

Wetland Sanctuary

  1. Picture Post Gallery

    This form is used for photo submittal from picture posts throughout the Blaine Wetland Sanctuary.