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Map and GIS Data Request

  1. Use this form to request GIS datasets, custom maps, or information about GIS data and services available. Your first name and a telephone number, or email, are required so we may contact you with questions and pricing. Failure to submit contact info will result in significant delays processing your request.
  2. Contact Information
  3. Map or Data:*
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  4. Format:*
    (select all that apply)
  5. Paper Size (prints only):
    *Prints larger than 11"x17" are $5/ft + tax
  6. Data layers:*
    (Select all that apply. Please note that custom map work is billed at $50/hr)
  7. (example: a street map between 105th Ave, 109th Ave, Hwy 65, and Radisson Rd)
  8. (example: a printed map 40"x40", 2 copies, also include the garbage day zones, email me when it is ready for pick up)
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