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Craft Fair Vendor Application

  1. Waiver*
    I have read and agree to abide by all City of Blaine event policies outlined. I agree that the City of Blaine is not liable for any injury, theft or damage to either the buyer or seller, or their property, arising out of or pertaining to preparation for or participation in the event whether such injury, theft or damage occurs prior, during, or after the event. Vendor further agrees to indemnify and hold the City of Blaine harmless for and against any claims for such injury, theft or damage. I understand that I must carry my own general liability insurance because the City of Blaine does not provide this coverage and I understand I must show proof of such insurance with registration materials covering the event date. The City of Blaine periodically takes pictures of participants during programs and in the parks. Please be aware that these photos may be used in the City’s brochures, pamphlets or cable presentations. If you, your family members or employees do not want to be photographed or published you must give us written notice. By checking the box above, you are agreeing to the statement below.
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