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Garbage Cart Change Request

  1. This form can be used to request a change in size/service level for your garbage cart. You are allowed to change the size of your garbage cart 1 time per year. This form is for current residents only. If you are a new resident looking to start garbage service please contact city staff at 763-785-6141.

    Current residents may also call 763-785-6141 to change Garbage Cart size. If you need to change the size of your recycling cart please contact Walters directly at 763-780-8464.

    2018 Garbage and Recycling Rates:
    - Large 96 Gallon: $58.50 per quarter (Premium Service)
    - Medium 68 Gallon: $43.50 per quarter
    - Small 38 Gallon: $33.00 per quarter

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