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Garbage Cart Change Request

  1. This form can be used to request a change in size/service level for your garbage cart. You are allowed to change the size of your garbage cart one time per year. This form is for current residents only. If you are a new resident looking to start garbage service please contact city staff at 763-785-6141.

    Current residents may also call 763-785-6141 to change Garbage Cart size. If you need to change the size of your recycling cart please contact Walters directly at 763-780-8464.

    2024 Garbage and Recycling Rates:

    - Large 96 Gallon: $71.00 per quarter (Premium Service)

    - Medium 68 Gallon: $60.00 per quarter

    - Small 38 Gallon: $52.00 per quarter

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