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1. You filled my driveway; can you prevent this from happening?
2. Why do I have more snow in my driveway than my neighbor?
3. The plow dug up my boulevard sod, what can I do?
4. If the snow plow knocked over my mailbox, will the City replace it?
5. I can't see my fire hydrant; am I responsible for clearing it?
6. I live on a Cul-de-sac, why does the City pile more snow in some yards than others?
7. My street is slippery, does the city have a bare and black policy?
8. Will the City clear my sidewalk?
9. Does the City salt or apply deicers to sidewalks?
10. How do I make a complaint about the snow and ice control?
11. Does the City repair damaged mailboxes during normal plow operations?